Meet Our CEO / Executive Director

Rene' Dozier-Riles, reared by her late maternal grandmother became an entrepreneur, a keynote speaker and a Registered Nurse. Rene' is the oldest grandchild of Mother Mary Harrison-Dozier, she is preserved and retained from experiencing at-risk for homelessness to providing help to unsheltered women and children through Mother Dozier's Homeless Foundation

After suffering with an injury which left Rene' with ninety percent of torn ligaments and muscles in her left leg that made her 100% totally disabled for one solid year she understands what it is like to be at-risk for homelessness. Rene' stated "while lying on my bed of affliction and unable to pay mortgage, electric bill or buy any food, I now understand homelessness"! This is the genesis of Mother Dozier's Homeless Foundation, a charity she founded to honor her maternal grandmother, the late Mother Mary Harrison-Dozier and other women and children who are suffering with at-risk for homelessness & those who are actually homeless.

Rene' Dozier-Riles, a Registered Nurse for almost thirty years often find it necessary to help those who are in need. Rene' is the Founder of Mother Dozier's House of Love, an Assisted Living for senior citizens and she is one of the RN consultants for Matured Hands Assisted Living Facility. 

Rene' says " I find it imperative to help others succeed because when I was growing up I was labeled as "the least likely to succeed"! But by the grace of God and with much prayer and supplication through my Grandmother (Mother Mary Dozier) I was one of the ones who succeeded!


It's Takes A Dedicated Team

Our mission is carried out in excellence because we have a wonderful team working towards the purpose. It truly takes a village to make a dream reach it's full potential.