We believe that overall wellness begins with HOUSING FIRST and our ultimate goal is to provide the solution to those who are experiencing at-risk for homelessness and those who are experiencing homelessness with the desire of self sufficiency transformation.

Our client market area is located in the Southern Sector of Dallas County which includes the zip codes of 75215, 75216, 75241. 

Our main program is "A Place Called Home". Our program help serve our clients to obtain homes per the Rapid Re-Housing or Permanent Housing Programs and /or a dwelling place by way of an apartment or a home to rent. Mean- while doing the time of home location for the clients, it is imperative for them to enroll in the program  "Beyond The House" where we help change and transform the previous living conditions. In this program we offer a desire for self sufficiency.



We help provide resources to our community with dwelling places for family residences. This program offers:

1). Resources for a place of safety and shelter.

2). We offer career training opportunities for gainful employment.

3). Life development skills.

4). Financial Management

A Place Called Home and Beyond The House are 90 day programs and includes a year of maintenance follow-up monthly classes. We are committed to this program because some of us know what it's like to be homeless and needing help. Within 45 to 60 days each client will see a great transformation when following the outline of the program.